Lifetime Ownership Frequently Asked Questions

SunSwop Information

So, you’ve decided to invest in your family’s future with a lifetime ownership investment at Cabana Beach Resort. Congratulations, you’ve made a fine choice! It’s normal to have a few questions you’d like answered, and that is the purpose of this very page. See our frequently asked lifetime ownership and SunSwop questions below, and should you have a question not listed here – click on the contact button at the bottom of the page!

Lifetime ownership is shared holiday ownership with flexibility! This enables you to buy a share in a Share Block Company that leases or owns a Resort property. This ownership gives you the right to occupy a specific room or chalet for one week each year. You specify the time of year and you also have full access to all the amenities and service facilities offered at the Resort you have chosen and own. Essentially, lifetime ownership enables you to secure your future holidays at excellent rates.

SunSwop is an exclusive, private exchange facility developed by Southern Sun Resorts. All Southern Sun Resort owners gain automatic membership to SunSwop and are in the best position to take advantage of our preferential exchange opportunities. As a SunSwop member, you are entitled to request exchanges either in South Africa or overseas, from a choice of over 2,600 affiliated Resorts worldwide! Remember, SunSwop is the name that opens the door to any holiday you care to choose. SunSwop is affiliated with Interval International.

Not unless you choose to do so – and you probably won’t once you discover how many exciting holiday options await you. Our exchange plan allows you to swap the holiday period you bought for another period at another resort. To keep the exchange equitable, the weeks of the year have been divided into seasons, according to demand. Each season is given a colour coding on the SunSwop chart: Peak for periods of high demand; Red for periods of average demand and White for periods of lower demand. All exchanges work on an equitable basis taking note of the number of people each room, suite or chalet accommodates. Here again, your request may be for a unit, which is equal or smaller in size to the timeshare you own. In addition, your automatic SunSwop membership allocates you points (trading power) based on the size and facilities of your week, which are then used as your currency to exchange – please consult SunSwop for more information on or 031 561 2204. The introduction of ‘Trading Power’ now enables lifetime owners to exchange on a daily or split week basis, with added advantage of being able to trade across seasons, and unit sizes!

If you are unable to use your week, you may accrue deposited weeks for a maximum period of two years, enabling you to enjoy a future extended holiday. For ultimate flexibility, you may even borrow time from the year ahead. If you choose to accrue and/or borrow time, call SunSwop to make the necessary arrangements on your behalf. Another option is to place your week in the Resort Rental Pool. The resort itself controls the Rental Pool and helps you to rent out your period at the current hotel rates to casual guests. If you choose this option, you should notify the Southern Sun Resorts Central Administration Office in Umhlanga, in writing, at least 90 days before the start of the week you own. Kindly note that the resort does charge a nominal administration fee for this service. You may also give your week to a friend or rent it out privately. In this case, kindly notify the Southern Sun Resorts Central Administration Office in writing with the name, address and telephone number of the people to whom you have given or rented your accommodation. Alternatively, this can be done online. The people with whom you have made this arrangement are also required to present a Guest Certificate from yourself upon arrival at the Resort.

Levies are raised to cover the operating costs of your resort and to maintain and protect the assets of shareholders. We spend them on exactly the same day-to-day maintenance and improvement projects that you would undertake to protect the value of your own home. We also try to build up a replacement reserve (of cash), to ensure that we not only maintain the standards of quality, luxury, amenities and service but to improve them in the long run. Directors approve the levies on an annual basis for each Share Block Company. Shareholders receive a copy of the Annual Financial Statements of the company each year, which reflects the financial situation of the company. You must pay your levy once a year for each unit you own, regardless of whether you have deposited your unit with SunSwop for accrual or exchange, placed it in the Resort Rental Pool or entered into a private arrangement. Your levy statement will be mailed to you five months before the beginning of the period you own and the amount should be paid three months before occupation.